Tesselation only applies in two axis, not showing on my ground plane.

Hey guys! thanks for swinging by, and sorry for taking up your time.

Im working on some custom simple meshes, where i wanted to apply some tesselation, i went and downloaded a material from Gumroad, that was made for 4.19

credits to this guy: Art of Lincoln Hughes

It works fine in 4.19 ofcourse, i tested it out, also on my meshes, then i migrated it to 4.21, so far so good, no issues, and it works, however… in 4.21 it only works in 2 axis, when i rotate the mesh it shows up, but on a flat ground plane it does not, i tried reverse engineering, and problem solving myself but i cant figure it out, if its some new setting, some mesh setting, or something in the material that needs changing.

Here it is applied on my ground plane, but as seen in the next photo, when i rotate the plane, it starts showing up.

**And finally, here is the tesselation part of the material.