Tesselation does not work...

Hi! My tesselation for some reason does not work! Look how it looks vs how it should look! (the one with the black background is how its supposed to look) My tesselation is set to Flat Tesselation and everything! I dont know if i did something wrong, but, i think its unreals’s fault. No joke. Because, check this… The one of how its supposed to look is made by a friend and he sent me the same exact mat that he used and still mine is broken!

What do i do? Is it an Unreal Engine problem???

Check your scalability performance settings. Try setting them all the way up to epic. I can’t remember if this needs a specific level of something or not.

Tessellation needs a dense mesh to look good.
the usual Landscape Density (100uu between vertices) is too low.
You need to scale it down (I recommend a scale of 50) and readjust your texture coordinates.