Tesla Coil

This is one I originally did for UDK but have moved it over to UE4 and it looks much better with the new materials although it still needs some work:

Currently I have it set up as one mesh with 2 materials. I’m using a mask for the concrete base to prevent that from being classed as metallic.

I’d be interested to know how others might have set it up, in particular the lightmap obviously needs to be huge as it’s a very large mesh. Would you split the mesh into multiple parts and have multiple materials?

Looks great so far

You should just use Layered Materials rather than breaking it into separate meshes

Layered materials are costly, and therefore should only be used when you need such detailed control.

I would break it into different parts and and set materials based on polygons. As it looks now, many of the surfaces could be broken up into different pieces with unique uv sets for lightmapping. The extra draw calls of having more meshes, but render the same few materials will be faster then a layered material.

Add lightning coming from it :slight_smile: its included in the test content I believe.

i know this is an old post, but im looking at this and thinking of how i can get this or if there is a guide to make one on my own ?? :slight_smile:

Basically those 3D model elements are rather standard shapes, thus you could make this without any artistic skills. You would require to export the model than with the material nodes attached (called UV maps). Then you can assign the textures in UE to the designated materials. I doing something similar atm and i work with Blender since 1-2 weeks.

ohh thanks dude can try that out :slight_smile: