Hello guys,

I have some trouble with my first prototype. I’ve been working on it about a month and, eventually, have problems of Exception. Nothing I can’t figured it out in minutes. So today I was trying to do some implements and have that problem in the picture. Spend all day on this, reversing changes I made, creating validations in absolute everything. Two things call my attettion:

First: That class was my first class in game. It’s a Character Class, based on the very same FPS template offered by Epic Games. I have other classes such Util, SpellSystem, etc… and I must certain none of this classes is trying to construct MyCharacter.

Second: The Log explicit my problem was in Line 86, middle the constructor of MyCharacter. So well, I have changed the order of the things a lot trying to figured it out where is the error. Lock down all the other classes and references. And, despite my efforts, the error always turn it out to Line 86

So, thank you for reading my crying. I search everyGooglewhere for some answer, but I found nothing. It’s really frustrating cause it seems I’m fighting constantly against the UE4 API. If someone have any idea how to fix it, I will double thank you.

OBS: The error shows up whenever a try to open this unreal editor project.