Terrible bug: Assets missing from content browser

Dear Epic,

This is a problem that has plaqued me for years, and a quick google search reveals countless people are experiencing the same issue. Namely that random assets from the content browser go missing, at random times, and can’t be recovered no matter what.

This happens mostly to blueprints, but also textures, 3D models (mesh assets) and such. I have lost A LOT of blueprint systems to this bug and it makes me crazy, because there is simply no way to recover them anymore.

Possible situations I can imagine why this is happening:

  1. The editor crashes when the asset is open and it get’s corrupted. However I also lost blueprints that I haven’t touched for a while.

  2. The assets aren’t saved correctly and are now corrupted.

  3. The assets get corrupted when moving them around in the project, e.g. into a new folder. However see point one.

  4. The content browser system just randomly f***s up assets for no appearent reason, just because it’s evil and likes to see me suffer.

I also noticed that assets from another project, that either uses different plugins (or versions of them) or a different engine version have a stronger tendency to get missing & corrupted. HOWEVER, it’s not limited to these, it also happens to assets newly created in a fresh project (after a while).

Please Epic, for everything that is holy, please fix this bug. It’s not only annoying, it can completely wreak havoc to a project if important assets go missing and become corrupted. Especially if these are complex blueprint systems, which took you days or even weeks of work to build.

And yes I know backups exist, but that doesn’t help if you backup already corrupted files, because I can’t go through all of pmy project folders to double check if every asset is still there every time I make a backup.

This really needs to be a high priority!

Thank you!