TerreSculptor 2.0 Released (Nov 3, 2019)

TerreSculptor 2.0 is released.
This is a popular UE4 third-party tool.

This is the terrain heightmap and weightmap software that many people use with Unreal Engine.
It fully supports all Landscape sizes and World Composition sizes.

This software is “Open Use” free with no cost and can be used for Personal, Commercial, and Academic purposes.

There is no longer the Standard and Professional Editions from Version 1.0.
Version 2.0 is the full features software and is free to use for all purposes.
See the blog post at: http://www.demenzunmedia.com/home/blog/

Download the software at: http://www.demenzunmedia.com/

Okay I’ll give this a run through sometime today, thanks.

A couple of YouTube videos showing the software…

Two Minute Visualization:

Two Minute Terrain:

YouTube Channel:

Looks fantastic!!

website doesnt work

I was able to get to the page and download this alright so might have been a momentary thing give it another try.

I haven’t had any reported issues with access to the site.

If you cannot get to the site for some reason, the software can be downloaded directly from any of these links:

http://bit.ly/2Na0GT7 - domain server (medium speed)
TerreSculptor - Google Drive - mirror #1 Google drive (fast speed)
http://bit.ly/2Nz6Aw9 - mirror #2 Google drive (fast speed)

First of all thank you for this product, this is a fantastic tool for terrain generation in Unreal, and now for free !

I believe its strength is in the ease of use and real world terrain import features. I can only imagine what can be done with it now with Quixel scans free for UE users.

I really hope the community picks up this product and Epic Games helps as well supporting it.

I know that this tool comes with a normal map creator, but that uses 8bit heightmaps. Is there a way from within the app to export a normal map based on the current terrain’s heightmap values rather than having to create one from previously exported 8bit grayscale heightmaps?