Terrarin Creator?

Hi! What is the best Terrarin Creator, I know about World-Machine but do you have any other suggestions? it dosent matter about the price

Well i think the World-Machine is most advanced one and one of the bests.

there’s vue pioneer, terragen, bryce as well. they all work differently, but they still make great worlds for 3d scenes.

Is World Machine capable to make a terrarin lika Arma 3 has? if so is UE4 capable of handeling that size?

With World Machine you can make huge terrains, though UE4 only supports sizes up to 8129x8129

See: Landscape Technical Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation

Though I would recommend using level streaming for maps huger than 2017x2017! I dont think its any limit for how big you want to make it when using level streaming

See: Level Streaming | Unreal Engine Documentation

Is there any tutorial that shows how to properly setup a landscape in ue4 from WorldMachine?

I use a program called L3DT L3DT - Large 3D Terrain Generator then i use auto terrain texturer plugin in this forum for terrain