Terran Shield -TBS game: X-COM, Jagged Alliance-like

An old style TBS game in new clothes and with new features:

We thank Epic Games for their great Unreal Engine!

[ATTACH=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“full”,“data-tempid”:“temp_133859_1522530301114_741”}[/ATTACH] A close fight combat zone where the aliens found an ancient Greek treasure on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.

We have now a FAQ page, more answers will follow soon: faq

And also a subscribe to newsletter page here:

Reaper, killer, monster!

Our first pre-alpha sequences:

The 2D sonic gun model is there, too.

We launch a series of gameplay story-driven demo episodes with the new game features as we implement them. Enjoy!

Starting today we will stream some live level building and game-play sessions for the fans. We will do maybe also some live 2D character design and 3D modeling & animation, music compose, blueprint and engine programming sessions.

We will be live on our Facebook page here: Redirecting...

And the main stream will be on our Twitch account: Twitch

The schedule of our streams will be posted here in advance.

The entire The Lost Shrine of UM game-play trailer is available now!

Stay tuned for the intro trailer and another game-play sequences.

Our trailer that contains a part of the game intro: