TERRAN-FORCE 1 - Entire low poly Sci-fi Fleet

Hi Everyone. I have just submitted a new item for the marketplace. TERRAN-FORCE ONE


I am Shaun, a 20 years experienced commercial artist and have put together the first 21 Items in the Terran-Force One fleet. This fleet consists of a variety of low poly assets which are ideal for mobile and low resource usage games as well as proto-typing and 3d Indie games. This pack consists of a variety of ships, space stations and utilities which may be essential to many sci-fi games. The main hull materials can be changed very easy to adopt a different style for your project.

Here are some usage examples although they are great for side-scrollers, top down and 3d and isometric.




A video is available on Youtube -

There are currently 21 low poly assets in this pack which are designed for use with mobile and desktop.

This pack Includes :

Satellite : 1358 Triangles
Mine : 620 Triangles
Probe : 2142 Triangles
Orbital : 3234 Triangles
Outpost : 6578 Triangles
Space Station : 9554 Triangles
Scout : 7938 Triangles
Fighter : 5092 Triangles
Utility Ship : 2716 Triangles
Spy Ship : 1712 Triangles
Bomber : 5043 Triangles
Corvette : 4156 Triangles
Shuttle : 3792 Triangles
Transporter : 3448 Triangles
Frigate : 4324 Triangles
Heavy Frigate : 4860 Triangles
Heavy Transport : 2309 Triangles
Carrier : 3928 Triangles
Destroyer 5034 Triangles
Cruiser : 4908 Triangles
Warship : 7280 Triangles

The fleet uses a single main hull texture which is a material instance so the main base color can be changed which is great for teams etc.



The main hull material/texture can also be changed and customized for a more unique look.


A few more models will be added over time with community feedback. I am not 100% decided on the price tag, but I am looking at less than $100 for the pack which means each asset works out at just over $4.

I am still in the process of setting up voting and getting started on the submission process so any advice is always appreciated.

tagging this as I’m looking for something like this for a small prototype.

Hi duyth, Thanks. The fleet has 21 essential assets and is great for proto-typing. I will be adding more assets to the pack over time for FREE so please feel free to give me any feedback and suggestions for any other fleet assets you guys would like to see. I will be updating the first post later with some more info and triangle counts etc.

i think you have a good number of spaceships to start with. Do you have plans to add a few more props, not the spaceships but these little things like satellites, mines, probes, Orbitals, outposts, space stations… or you can make the mesh configurable through blueprints just to give these props some variants

Hi Duyth. I have plans to add a few more props to this package. I am also throwing it open as I finalize the pack for the last few included assets in an update. There are currently 21 assets, which will be 25 in total when released. I am aiming to have 30 props included over the next few months when time allows in an update. The release version will have 25 and an update will extend that to 30. I have had a week off this week which has given me time to put the pack together. I have hundreds of low poly models for various races which i did a few years back and will take some time to get them all online. This first pack is the Human fleet pack. The colony base pack will follow which consists of around 20 buildings ideal for RTS and strategy games as well as deco. I have 5 very different races i will be putting up - Human - Terran-Force One, AI race, Reptile race, aquatic race, and insect race. But my focus is now on the Terra-Force One fleet which will hit the market place first (hopefully). Followed by the colony/Bases/Buildings pack.

the other 4 assets which will be added over the next week are the Orbital Fortress, Gun Turret, Star-Liner, Heavy Weapon Unit/Platform and UAV (Drone).

I will add an extra 5 to the pack to make this up to 30 over time. The other 5 will be the communities choice. So spin some ideas and needs and they may be added for FREE :slight_smile:

Hey, not submited on MK yet ?