Terrains can be so complicated?

Hi everyone, for months I been trying to create a terrain to start a open world game. I already got most of the scripts and blueprints already done but for some reason I can’t create a terrain i’m happy with. I tried WorldComposition, World Machine, Bryce and nothing… all im trying is a 8x8km island you know that people can be away from each other but so far I fail on the terrain. I read tutorial, videos on youtube but most are to build a scenario and not a playable level. Any tips? Thanks in advance.

Post some screenshots- would give a better idea of what you are having a problem with.

Also, 8x8km is ridiculous for someone who doesn’t have experience with world building. Start with 1x1km, even then that’s huge. If you can get a small area working, replicate what you did there again. Rinse repeat.

Ye start with small terrain.

Use this tutorial to get good terrain out. Should be all you need, just make sure you follow it well, its a lot of work to get good looking terrain.

-you need a good idea of your map (how should it look like, which type of mountains, should it be at the coast,…)
-plan your landscape carefully -> where should be which hill/mountain to block the view of the player,…
-use a combination between world machine and the ue4 landscape tool -> e.g create a rough landscape with the tool - export it to world machine - overwork it :slight_smile: