Terrain tris amount

I have a world composition setup with 505 resolution tiles and most hidden from view, I deleted all the foliage and unloaded every segement of terrain (for performance troubleshooting) bar the one I was working on. I noticed at peak that terrain segment (again with nothing else) contains 2 MILLION tris…

It seems reason I’m hitting performance issues is the terrain is taking up the major chunk of the budget, especially when you have a long stretch on the odd occasion you may have another tile in view it’s around 3 - 4 Million tris.

I’m wondering what’s going on?

your terrain it seems was made rather large. when you set up the terrain, did you create one from scratch or import it from a texture? what settings did you use for the component sizes etc? you can force the max lod the landscape will use under its properties.

Thanks for the reply, yeah it is pretty large 16KM2. I exported the raw’s from WM and then imported via World Composition… Used 8X8 sections / 1X1 Quads, issue being if I go any lower than that you tend to get issues with terrain painting as they’re not seperate (like CE) but I’ll avoid that topic for now.

Instead of stretching the tile segments, I’ll try exporting more tiles… I might be able to drop the resolution if the density (detail) per tile is higher…

Hmm, well anyway using 253 tiles certainly reduces the tris count by a fair deal… But that doesn’t seem to be the issue, I decided to do the exact opposite for testing purposes… I ramped up the amount of tris pretty much as far as I could (45Million), with nothing but a terrain I’m getting 90 FPS / 11 MS…! (Immersive mode)…

So it seems the whole LOD / tris thing isn’t the issue (even with VERY dense foliage I never had more than 8 Million tris in frustrum), another thing that came extremely apparent is when you have a lot of foliage on screen and you switch between immersive view the frame rate essentially cuts in half… With no foliage it doesn’t, therefore the only logical conclusion I have is that it’s a rendering issue. Yeah I get that grass and tree’s with a deferred renderer is heavy, but I never suffered to this extent with CE and / or Unity.!

EDIT: Btw, I did check for DC’s etc. when using foliage, it was roughly about 190… Which is nothing really.

So I’m not really sure where to proceed from here.