terrain tile displaced, how do I fix it

OK well, it’s not doing it anymore, wish I knew wth was going on, maybe a bug ?? lol Whatever, anyway I do not have to worry about it, anymore; I’ll update this thread if it ever gets weird again of course.

Dropbox - Error < that shows the problem I’m having, where somehow this one tile got shoved way down under terrain itself above, how do I fix this ?

I’ve tried but Im out of ideas.


-have you probably used the visibility tool
-have you probably moved the component (you can do that in the manage tab)
-what happens when you paint/raise it? :slight_smile:

NO idea about visibility tool, I don’t recall moving the component, and I was having a hard time selecting just THE individual tile , to put it back where it was.

IE: I was having no luck trying to ‘raise’ it back where it was. HOw is that done ? When I tried to select it, I got both that one tile, and the entire landscape.

Anyway its fixed, even if I have NO clue how :wink: