Terrain texturing questions

Hi guys!
I have briefly examined engine and its capabilities and I have to admit - I like it. But I have a question about terrain texturing. The provided examples use only some basic splatting textures and one height based one (if I remember node flow of that example terrain material correctly). Is it possible to split terrain into chunks and apply different set of textures to every chunk?
It’s a pity there’s no support for SVT in the engine. And I don’t feal I have enough skill to make such huge modifications in the engine. Maybe someone else have already tried implementing SVT (Megatexture or whatever you’d like to call it) on UE4?

A terrain/landscape is (almost) always split into different chunks by itself already, and you can assign different textures to each chunk.

There might be a suitable method within this documentation here. As I am unsure exactly what you mean by texturing individual chunks I cant exactly respond in a way that might be of use other then suggesting you have a look at the various material blending options here.

Thank you for your answers
I think I have to investigate terrain texturing in UE4 further on my own before asking questions that may sound silly on forums

it is definitely possible , you can export weight maps from the application you made your terrain , then apply them to your layers < by right clicking on your layers in landscape mode / paint) , so that the texture used by that layer only sits in the areas defined by the weight map .