terrain stitching tool?

I’ve looked around and doesn’t seem to be any option for terrain stitching. I know most people grab world machine license, build their terrain and then bring it in titled to perfection. But for us that don’t want to drop that level of cash on world machine, and or in the case of myself prefer to build out each piece by hand for design reasons. It would be great to get / have the option to do world composition without having to deal with trying to seam / stitch each area together or start tossing assets along seams to make it perfectly matched.

Have I missed something or still in the wish list bucket, for now at least?

I actually have a hacked-together toolchain that helps me with some of this.

  1. I get my base height maps from various DEM/GeoTiff online locations (for example )
  2. I do cleanup/levels/resize/etc… in Photoshop. I make sure that my size is a multiple of one of the recommended Unreal map sizes.
  3. I use ImageMagick to split the file into tiles.
  4. Import into using the standard tiled import.

For my current project, I used the opentopo website to get a geotiff of the island of Oahu, I resized it in PS to 16132x16132, used ImageMagick to split that into a 4x4 grid of 4033x4033 tiles, then imported into UE.

I also understand that if you already have height maps in a world comp setup, you can run a smooth brush at 0 strength across the borders, and that will fix any gaps. Don’t know how well that works if the landscapes are drastically different, though.

edited to add: If you prefer to use the UE landscape tools, you could always create 16 identical all-black images (4033x4033 for example), name them appropriately, then import them and start sculpting.


Can I ask you, please, how can I do that? I’ve tried to smooth it with 0 strength, but maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Thank you for your help:)