Terrain Sculptor Needed!

Hello everyone,

Im Alexander, Project Manager for Norion : Seven Kingdoms by Parsec Studios. We are in need of a terrain designer to help with our project. I myself work on some aspects of terrain such as putting together villages/towns. However, we need someone who can do the following:

  • Sculpt mountains/hills and rivers.
  • Use rock/cliff assets to bring those^ alive more.
  • Work with myself, and modellers to design certain aspects of terrain
  • Communicate very well.

For other details such as what we have already, our pay, and generally more info, contact me on Discord : Beckstation#2798

Hope to hear from you all, have a great day!

Project Manager @ Parsec Studios

Added you on discord

Hey there, what’s the art style for the terrain? What is your timeline for the project? Cheers!

Hi Ironbelly. Not interested in your services for providing people or teams. But either way, just for others to know, its a realistic style and for the entire terrain to be sorted (towns and all) we have around 6-12 months.

Good to know! Was just trying to get more information for the community :slight_smile:

i added you on discord