Terrain scaling

How can I make the ‘terrain square’ much smaller so that I can add extra terrain detail? You can see how big it is compared to a bit of grass in the picture, do I just make my objects such as the grass much larger to compensate (meaning I’ll then need to make the terrain itself larger for the size map I want) or is there a way around this?

I’m going for the low poly look hence the hard edges, thanks for any help.


Anyone got any idea how I can divide these huge squares into like 30 or 40 smaller ones? Thanks!

Also heres the terrain settings if you need it:
Section size: 7x7
Sections per Comp: 2x2
Scale: x8016 y8016 z512
Overall ResolutionL 113, 113

Another picture:

Stick to this chart when creating your landscapes.

I followed the top one in the chart:

Overall size (vertices) Quads / section Sections / component Component size Total Components
8129x8129 127 4 (2x2) 254x254 1024 (32x32)

But all of the squares still come out MASSIVE, I want them smaller with lots of them for extra terrain detail…

Edit: nvm I got it, needed more resolution.