Terrain Resolution

I am seeing polys when working with my terrain. I am building a path on a mountainside and I can not seem to get rid of the little polys visible at bends. It appears that increasing the res or amount of polys in these areas would solve it. How change the terrain resolution in one specific area?

Hello LostScout,

If you would provide a screenshot of the polys that are visible.


The Polys on the right are prominent.

This appears to be a tessellation issue where the landscape is doing it’s best to bridge the change between the straight down face of the mountain and the path. There are a couple things you can do to help reduce this.

1.) Use the smoothing tool and create a less harsh transition between the mountain face and the path. You can see at the far end where the landscape is gradually transitioning that there are no visible pixels. At more harsh areas, like where the camera is, you start to have the problem.

2.) You can add geometry like boulders or snow piles to hide them all together if you absolutely need those sheer faces.

After testing this please post again and let me know if either solutions work or are viable to your project.

Yeah, I can just work with it and hide the visible polys.

Thanks Again!

I have a similar problem though using the various terrain brushes yields half way decent results, pros and cons :wink:

The editor mini tuts show you can change terrain resolution, and its obvious where it is, but I’m unable to change mine , greyed out now.

Is there a way to change this, and would increasing it help decrease those blocky polygons enough or be too much of a perf. hit on huge terrains …