Terrain picker location


I’m trying to learn UE4 and why not build something fun while I do it. So I want to make some sort of a tower defense game and I want to place some turrets while the game is running. So I’m thinking how can I obstruct turrets from placing them on road where the minions are walking ? Can I split terrain in pieces and add some information on each of it ? Like : you can place only turret of type X on it. I’d see the terrain like an Vector of X * X sub-pieces and have some information on each piece ( can be constructed over, what type of constructions are approved, etc)…
Something like this: , but also each piece has it’s own information.

Are there any concepts, ideas, examples where I can take a look ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I would suggest something as simple as a collision mesh with a new trace channel covering the road, if the turret placing trace trace hits the collision mesh set the bool to false.

Hi again,

Thanks for your response, I guess that would suffice for the case: can be built over
But what if I want the terrain to accept only one type of blueprint ( ex: I have a portion of terrain covered with stones and I want to place a blueprint over, It should allow me to place over only a stone quarry blueprint, but not an iron mine blueprint) - any idea about this ?

Thanks again :slight_smile: