Terrain or FBX, Which is more efficient for mobile?

Hey Everyone,

I’m making a top down isometric game for which I need a landscape. Not too big (around 250 X 250 Unreal units).
Right now I have a created an FBX for the entire landscape created in maya. But, when it comes to texturing (don’t have much knowledge) the same. I’m using a 2k map painted according to the mesh.

But, If I want to use World machine or Unreal Landscape tool to create a landscape. I get more control over it. But, it consists of a lot of triangles which doesn’t seem worthy to me as far as my requirements for this game is concerned.

So, just wanted to ask you guys, which would be the way to go for a mobile device?


Hello Amaresh,

For mobile development I recommend using .FBX files. Smaller files that allow for easier manipulation and workflow from a modeling software to UE4. This also gives you more control if you need to edit the landscape if you import into UE4 and decide to make changes. World Machine requires a license to import more than one chunk of landscape at a time. Also, using world world composition, which is a must if you are using world machine, is not supported across all mobile platforms at this time.

You could use the landscape tool inside of Unreal 4. However, if you are looking for a more detailed landscape sculpt, I recommend creating your own .FBX.

@ Bailey Thanks for the answer. FBX is my answer.