Terrain level height and 3rd person playable Character suddenly vanishing

Im having an issue with my character disappearing when going a few body lengths below the 0 level of a terrain no mater how simple the terrain is. Even if i place a nice gradual ramp, the player will suddenly vanish and controls will do nothing. I do not appear to be falling through the terrain but simply instantly vanishing.

This only happens when going downhill on the -z axis. Steep or very gradual makes no difference as the same result happens. Even with a simple terrain with just a small dip that is at least 2 to 3 body lengths on the negative z axis. Iv tried this multiple times. Created multiple projects and even reinstalled the editor.
I simply started a 3rd person map

Deleted the walls, floor, and other geometry

Created a new terrain with standard settings besides putting the x and y at 30 (also tried 100, 50)

sculpted some simple hills and valley’s of various depths.

pressed build

pressed play

also tried launching and when i disappear, hitting escape or any other button does nothing.

I have tried this with out changing no other settings and also went through and tried suggestions for falling through terrain. Nothing has worked to stop this from happening that iv tried.

You have to go to the World Settings and Adjust “Kill Z” :>

Thanks. The only solution i found prior was to raise everything upwards.