Terrain Layer Painting Complications.

First, I am not sure if I’m blind or something I am unaware of, but how the heck do you control the actual scaling in terrain layer painting?
Second, as you notice on the bottom picture. I was painting grass, and it disappeared over this area. What can I do?


-make sure that you rebuild everything
-reassign the material
-make sure that you havent used the visibility tool in that area

1: The scaling of the texture?

Here is a landscape tutorial: (1:30)

Thanks for the response and link mate.
This is how I fixed it.

As for the missing parts.
I had to rebuild the geom,lighting in that order to make it work.

Now I ran into some more complications.
And I tried 1,2,3 Vector and even lighting.
layers 3,4,5 are not showing up at all. If they do, it’s black bumped garbage.

This isn’t covered in the video.

I could just be talking out my rear but I had similar problems in UE3 before I understood it.
You can mix a bunch of materials up on a landscape and blend them but it has limitations when you push beyond the limitations they disappear or display very oddly.
These limitations are types of actions you can do in the material editor. Also in the material editor is where you can put down a tex coordinate and scale the material to your liking.

I do not know if this has carried over from UE3 which is why I say I could be wrong but it seems like this is the right direction this is a link to it in the UE3 and more explanation.

I also encountered this, and made a post on answers about it, would be nice if someone could explain exactly what the limitations are.

here I think this explains it better look at post #5 in particular