Terrain issues ( A LOT OF THEM) Hoping someone can help me out here.

I don’t really get responses here but hopefully I will this time.

This is driving me crazy at this point I have followed every tutorial, read about 30 different threads and still I am having issues with terrain in UE4.

First off my computer specs

windows 10
Processor Intel(R) Core™ I7-7700k CPU @ 4.20 GHz
Ram 16.0 GB

First Problem:

I am importing a landscape through World Composition, its 8km by 8km, 64 tiles imported at 1009 x 1009. Componets 8x8 sections 2x2 quads 63x63. Its Using over 8gbs of ram to process just a blank landscape, I feel like I am doing something wrong here.

Second problem: (exists because of the first problem)

Using weight textures to texture the whole landscape crashes the computer because it doesn’t have enough memory.

Third problem: LOD system

I haven’t found a good explanation on how to use this yet, Id assume that the LOD system would free up some memory. I know how to enable it, it frees up a very small amount of memory but I still feel like more can be done to free up memory.

Fourth question/problem
Can I weight texture individual parts of the landscape instead of the whole landscape at one time? If so how would I do that.

These problems have been going on for a month now and this is usually my last resort if anyone can help that would be awesome because this is extremely discouraging I am about to go back to unity and take my chances there.