Terrain in New Map

Hello all

i have created a terrain from a height map, i have the terrain exactly how i would like it, but now i have noticed a game breaking issue which would need fixing i have attached an image, when the terrain reaches a certain height i get this line all around. now i have checked the island map and its exactly the same, but they have the water plane sitting just above this line and the walk-able terrain is higher, in game anything below the line has a reflection like water ripples, and the particles you seen in the image, if i walk above this line the reflection go and so do the particles.

i would like to ask you if it possible to fix this or would i need to recreate the terrain with some sort of height offset. i hope there is an easy solution to this problem. i would like to make this much lower ( to where my water plane is now possibly )

This has something to do with the water line parameter of the landscape material.

Basically that parameter tells the landscape where the sea water level is at in the z axis. Find it in your landscape material and reduce it to something a little lower.

Thanks i copied the default Mat_TheIslandWithMasks_Inst and renamed it to Mat_TheIslandWithMasks_Inst_UK (didn’t want to edit the default one) told my terrain to use this new one, edited the waterline value, default is 100 i made this a negative value and i dont see any differences even with huge value like -1000 or greater, are negatives accepted ?

EDIT: default value is 100 if i raise then i see changes, if i make it 0 i see changes, anything negative seems to sit just at the same position as zero. looks like i may have to height offset the height map i was using to recreate the terrain.

You should work with your own Material, not an instance of it.

Copy Mat_TheIslandWithMasks & IslandParameters to your mod and rename them.

After that edit the Mat_TheIslandWithMasks to point all Parameters of the material to your own IslandParameters.

Example node in the screen below :

Thanks very much for the reply gain, i have done this now wait for shader compile, i can now see an actual value in the parameters. guessing i change local waterline and Water line so they have the required values i need?

New to Unreal Engine only started when i found ark could be modded… Really appreciate you help btw :cool:

While you should still do it through the material in order to familiarize yourself with that part of the editor, I would like to point out for others that you can also just right click on the terrain in the view port -> transform -> uncheck the box to lock it’s position. This lets you just drag the terrain up.

Thankyou also, i actually didnt Know this and tried to move the terrain higher… ahhh well we all have to learn some how…

Sometimes i forget there is always an easier way to achieve things ^^ Thanks ThatGuyNex.

The simple is always the best :slight_smile: moving the landscape is definitely way easier.

Depends on what you want to achieve. If you really want a detailed landscape material and effects (like water line) and customize it, It’s better to use the material for this purpose. But if gary does not change a thing about the material, moving the landscape is the best option here.

well i changed the values in the picture i added to my last post and nothing happened, (copied z value from water plane) @Distov is there only 1 place in the material to change the IslandParameters? i renamed mine and told the material to use this , do i need to do anything else anywhere?

maybe moving the landscape is easier but then id also have to move everything i have already placed…

EDIT: There is 3 from what i have found, Re-compiling the shader and will update it that works :stuck_out_tongue:

yes there like 3 or more parameters to change. sorry i didn’t mean to imply with my screenshot that there was only one to change.

yeah i just found the search function whilst im in the material and typed in collection param , this highlighted all areas that it need changing, there was 3 in this material.

Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile:

Hi , anyone know how to block this effect out of an area ? for example in Underwater Caves ?

Use a different landscape material (or copy that one and just take out the waterline logic).