Terrain generation

First of all i must excuse for my english. Now to the point. Ive read a lot of articles about streaming levels and LOD (CDLOD, quadtree based LOD etc.). Generally i understang how it works but cant get how to put it together within UE. I mean i know how to spawn mesh in the world but how to handle lod updates and draw calls and so on? UEs garbage collector with its restrictions of using new operator actor spawning etc.

The question is how to spawn a lot of meshes in proper way with handling them (removing if needed and moving them)
I ended up with spawning actors but not sure it`s the right way

Will appreciate any help. Thanks

Hi, try to build and plan your level in advance not spawn in at runtime. There is no way to hone and optimise the level backbone if you are just spawning.

build the level, run it, type stat detailed into the console
see what its doing

then on console, type stat memory, look at how your memory use is going

then slice your level up into chunks and stream them in.

then you know what space you have to spawn in actors if needbe. right click on a mesh and click size map, to get an idea.