Terrain Generation: Unreal Engine tools vs 3DS Max / Maya

Hey there,

I am currently watching alot of videos regarding open world level design. I found out, that many people don’t simply create a new terrain inside unreal engine and sculpt and edit it, but create something like a basic mesh in 3DS Max or Maya and either import it to UE 4 as a basic mesh which gets textured etc. or they somehow export it at a heightmap and create the terrain from importing this height map.

I just wanted to ask which of this methods is better for creating large scale terrains or what might be some pros / cons about both ways.

You can get creative like the path I’m on and scupt etal, or import that data from l3Dt pro,now free , or if money is no concern there are other options that export tiled terrain from said app into this engine. You can bing for it as not having used in ages I don’t recall name of app . I’m also not aware 3dsmax can export 16 bit PNG or raw files which you would need but who knows…otherwise this would get you started,as its ONE way to do it and comes at it from pespective of newcomber to ue4…9&&FORM=VDRVRV , and here if you have high end rig ,and lastly here for example of working with ( must run) real data, not idea really but fascinating , older, .