Terrain generation questions

Hello everyone, so I am exploring the different options in terrain generation for UE4. I know there are a lot of threads on this, but they are mostly about Worldmachine. software is expensive, and for someone to simply go out and just pick up a new software package (like Worldmachine) isn’t always feasible when you are trying to be an independent developer and I don’t currently have access to Worldmachine. So I try to condense my workflow(s) to one software package if possible. I am exploring the options in using Maya to create a terrain generation tool, that I can customize or randomize depending on my needs. Could this simply be a case of exporting a plane from maya into UE4 as an FBX or does it have to be a heightmap? I know CryEngine uses heightmaps so I wasn’t sure if UE4 was different. Or would it be better to use UE4’s native terrain creation tools?

landscape is probably one of the more simple things to do in unreal… don’t know much about worldmachine, and i don’t know if it is editable or not… but it seems much ado about nothing… well, imho :slight_smile: