Terrain generation and when to use tiled landscapes (novice question)

Im essentially re-creating anthem for the learning experience but with a much more Skyrim-esc environment, meaning that the player can see a very long way almost all of the time when flying. I’ve create a landscape which is 64 km square in world machine. I intended to use tiled landscape but due to the style of game im not sure it is the best method,

In this situation is there still a benefit to landscape tiles? im a solo dev for this (like i said, learning) is it okay to use a single mesh for the entire terrain? it would certainly make life easier for me :smiley:

I’m VERY new to the level design side of UE4 so I apologise if this is an extremely novice question.

additionally, If anyone can recommend tutorials from a less technical perspective (i.e. more when, why and where to do certain things rather than how to do them) it would be appreciated.

Appreciate any help, thanks in advance.