Terrain for my Demo

Terrain for my Demo
Deer Enviorment Artists,

I’m searching a talented Artist to create my base Terrain for my non commercial Project. I have tried to create it by my own but tbh I suck at creating Terranis. You will be named in the credits at the end of the Demo!
About the Project:
I try to create a little Racing Game Demo for my University Applications and own Portfolio. The map is set in snowy Mountain Enviorment. The Map should look very Realistic to fit my Concept. For more Information look at my “beautiful” Concept Map.

Concept Map:
DarkGrey: HighMountains
Grey: Snowy Mountain Tops
Blue = Medium Steep Cliffs
Green = Plains/Forrest
Black = Lake
Pink = Road (Canyon Like [Need for Speed Carbon as a reference])
Red = Townarea (Flat)

if youre interested please contact me!


Search here for heightmaps, i bet there is some similar like your sketch, better then nothing.

Thanks for the advice ill check it out.