terrain editor map option question

Hi All,

Does anyone know if there is a way to import a 2d picture of a map instead of the tiled texture?
Basically I want to draw out my map and have it placed on the world landscape grid.
Then I can just raise and lower heights based on the map.
I wouldn’t have to keep the map picture on during runtime, though that might be cool as well. :slight_smile:


If your terrain is square, in the Material, connect a LandscapeLayerCoords to the texture. In the LandscapeLayerCoords details, set Mapping Scale to the resolution of your landscape. For example, if the landscape resolution is 29x29, set Mapping Scale to 29.

If your terrain is rectangular, you can try connecting a TextureCoordinate to the texture and in details, set UTiling to 1/Resolution_In_X and VTiling to 1/Resolution_In_Y. I think this method is less precise though but doable if you only need a rough outline.

Thx for your reply bricket.

So the default world size is something like 4016x4016 if I remember correctly. So I would just make the map that size correct? I’m going to try it later today. :slight_smile:

Yes, if your image is 4016x4016, you would try to make a landscape that size.

Ok so I tried this a while ago and couldn’t figure it out. I left it alone for a bit, but still can’t figure it out.

In short I just want to drop an image on the entire surface of the world.
Is there any way to do that?
I tried the solution above, but couldn’t find half the menus.