Terrain editing in runtime

I think that this is a must-have feature for any worthwhile creative game, especcially any kind of sandbox game… :open_mouth: im saying this without wanting to disregard any games that can do without it, but this is a really big feature. can we somehow make the community vote on this somewhere?

We need this and is why I was a bit worried when the old terrain system was done away with as it might have been basic but had its uses.


Has it been a year since Epic last looked in on this thread?

Let me say that I still really need this :o

+1, this is a crucial feature for my game too.

Like others here I’ve also considered digging through the landscape editor code but experience tells me that mini-projects like these are deceptively challenging timesinks :slight_smile: I also think as time goes on it may become more and more difficult to expose these landscape tools dynamically due to inter-dependencies with newer engine/rendering features so hopefully this can be achieved before it becomes too expensive (resource-wise) or technically unfeasible to implement this.

Is this feature on trello yet? I think it would get a ton of votes!

UE-2341 is a reference the Epic team has mentioned is connection with Dynamic Terrain, though there may be others for such a key area.
Note, Epic ticket numbers appear to be internal and so may or may not tally with any actual references used on the Trello roadmap etc.

+1! I’d even purchase it on the Marketplace for a reasonable fee :slight_smile:


Important feature, please add this!

I don’t quite get how this answers the trello-question, in which I would be interested as well.
I can’t seem to find a ticket with that ID - through I am as unfamiliar with trello as one could be.

+1 Please add this!

Does that mean: As long as those editor only variables are provided at runtime, then a good part of the landscape features would be available at runtime?? So if I go and create fake-data for those variables at runtime, it would be fine and all??

How is this not a thing? This is probably the second thing that comes to mind when you ask “What do you want to do with a terrain / landscape?” right after “Walking on it.”! I spent a while researching whether UE would be suitable for my project, but without this feature (actually supported and documented), the answer seems to be no. A shame, perhaps once this is implemented I can come back with a smile on my face.

This and grass-blocking-volumes would make the engine (almost) perfect for sandbox games. It would be great to get an update from Epic on the status of these features!

Aww, come on… how can an engine be so ahead in some areas and so crappy in others. So, if all the code is there and it only takes a few modifications to work without the editor, then why doesn’t Epic make it happen?

I badly need to modify heights, make/fill holes and modify material weights at runtime :frowning:

I came to UE4 from Unity because I thought it would be better for procedural runtime-generated and runtime-modified levels and stuff. I guess I thought so mainly because of the dynamically updating NavMesh. But if you can’t even change the terrain…

If you can’t edit the terrain, then I guess god games are off limits?

You could use the procedural mesh component to create your landscapes, that you can edit at run time. Isn’t that a solution? :slight_smile:

I don’t know if that’s a solution, but I highly doubt it will be nearly as optimized as an actual landscape, especially since you probably can’t create a PxHeightfield actor just like that.

We dont know if it takes just a few modifications. If we really did, maybe someone from the community would actually bother to implement it xD Though I will look into it once I actually get to the point where I really need it

Good News / Bad News

This request is on the roadmap (UE-2341 etc), but Epic doesn’t see it as a priority overall.
Its complicated too, read the entire thread especially comments from @EPIC-DarkVeil

There are WIP side-projects for procedural / runtime / dynamic terrain-landscapes
You can search for them using those types of keywords in the title (except maybe this).

But whether its the complexity of the problem or the fact that its a part-time project…
Progress is unfortunately a slow crawl. But there is interest, just arguably not enough!
Also, many devs have different requirements or ideas about what the best solution is.

But its difficult to understand how Unity even offers more options in this area?!
So keep bumping this thread or create a new one in Feedback or post direct to WIP threads.

bump . . .