Terrain editing in runtime

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Is this feature request currently linked to internal ticket number: UE-2341?
If so, any chance you could bump it up again based on all the requests in this thread…

Please add this feature, i need more options with the limited fracture tool :-/

+1 for terrain creation and editing at runtime.

Hi Guys,

Just stumbled on this thread. I created some blueprint nodes to expose the landscape and heightfield data through blueprint for my PolyWorld project here:

I wonder if this would be good enough for runtime editing?

here you can find here a nice WIP procedural terrain project, it worked for me with 4.7, said to be updated to 4.8, (the GitHub zip download was not okay, only cloning was fine):

Hi, I’m only just trying to get started with UE after learning Unity for some time now, so I can compare the two and decide which one I want to use. I don’t really have an overview yet what features UE4 has to offer, but procedural terrain generation, allowing the use of the editor tools, is definitely something I would like to see.

I would love terrain creation and editing at runtime aswell. You pretty much need it for every RTS Game!


being unable to modify, extend, save and load terrain at runtime is terrible.

Might as well add my post. I want to dig into the c++ but its such a large undertaking for a hobby project (simcity 4 remake) PM me if anyone wants to setup a svn project on my host and a trello board and try to code it!

Could you elaborate?

I don’t remember such restriction in EULA, but it is very likely that I overlooked it.


I just want to be able to edit the heightmap at runtime such that you could effectively introduce ‘terraforming’ in a game.

im no law expert but it reads like this to me

so if you dont release the source your fine to use engine tools in a game?

I guess it’s because you can either read it as

or as

And I guess the second option is the right one.

+1 for that feature.

I could it need too, for my dungeon project.
It also works quite well without, but with that, it would be much better. :smiley:

Bump. We would definitely benefit hugely from runtime terrain modification as well – especially the ability to modify which materials are used or otherwise paint the terrain as is done in the editor.

I specifically emailed Epic about stripping out the code to create either real time editing in game or to create a plug-in or standalone terrain editor application for my game. The answer I received was yes I could. What you can not do in use their tools or code that comes with the unreal 4 development suite of tools or distribute those tools or code with your game either collectively or individually.

You can modify any of the tools for your own game as long as you don’t distribute their program.

I think that’s why they were saying in the pervious post that as long as you remove or modify the code so that their existing tools is not usable you can create what ever you want or combine it your own code.

Hopefully, the developers are planning to implement runtime editing out of box. I was considering to use Unreal instead of Unity, because it’s more beautiful and seems to be better designed and optimized. But runtime terrain editing is essential to my game and I cannot afford spending my time trying to take it out of the editor’s source and have a custom build of the engine. I’m just trying to show that this functionality can drive people to use other engines even though they’re worse.

+1 any updates?

Oh man, I didn’t even THINK that changing landscape will not be possible during runtime. Need to rethink half of my game… Please implement this Unreal.

any news on this feature?