Terrain Editing And Road Tool Blueprint Only(medium level)

I’m trying to develop a all in one Spline Tool for the common useful chases.
Wall/pipe/road/random mesh along spline, array etc.
At the moment I tackled some of them with success, other I’m still stuck on some key issues here is my summary.

Road tool
11 possible mesh (Small, Big, Left big, Right big, and combination)
1 spline
1 spline generated
1 terrain

-current status
I can generate a spline with mesh tiled by size and not by spline point, I can also stick it on the terrain, or on a specific height , or a blending of the two way.
With the use of a falloff I flatten and stich the terrain to the side of the road.

-current Issue
too many input to use to change road dimension if set to mesh index, user have to change them mesh by mesh, also
the road banked turn(roll) also have to many input to make it usable.

-what I’m working on
I’m trying to use the spline point of the main spline to skin the mesh by proximity, at the moment I’ve in mind something like storing distance value of the spline point to spline point+1 and comparing the ranges with all the mesh distance and ordering them any other suggestions ?

if something is unclear let me know and I’ll try to reformulate the concept or provide screenshots,
thank you for your time =).