Terrain Edge Lineup

Hey, I’m using World Machine to manipulate and create weight maps for over 100 tiles for a real world location, I have the scaling and dimensions correct to get it into Unreal Engine correctly, and the 2x2 tiles at 1009 x 1009 resolution go into the game perfectly.

The edges of each 2x2 tile is lined up, but each tile isn’t lined up to each other… when I open the Tile editor to put all of the tiles into the right place and make sure it looks perfect from the top layout view… I open the game and go and look around, the edges of the 2x2 tiles work… but between levels… from one 2x2 area to another 2x2 area, the edge vertices won’t line up, yet they’re from a perfectly aligned and cropped set of data… so I don’t know what’s going on.

Am I meant to manipulate and align the edges of every tile to one another?

If you’ve exported the tiles from world machine and imported them via the tiled landscape importer, they will be aligned properly. If you move tiles manually around you will obviously offset everything.

I’m not using one 2x2 tile though. I’m using 52 of them from a 10x10 grid of a 570km x 570km area. Ticking share edges makes the edges line up around the actually 2x2 tiles, but not between each tile to another tile. Yet it’s all from a good dataset. Working with massive data like this you have to place it manually. There isn’t a value in the offset that could be possibly calculatable because its some astronomical figure. The tiling tool is there to move them around manually to make large terrain from smaller chunks, the data is good, so it should line up.

Here’s a visual to explain what I mean…

I solved my own issue by instead of working with 100 tiles I’ve imported one whole tile to World Machine and exported 400 tiles, with shared edge makes it all line up fine.