Terrain Disappears

When I toggle game view or enter game, my terrain (generated with the terrain tool in UE4) disappears and I can’t figure out why… Can anyone help me?

Game view toggled off:

Game view toggled on:

Select the terrain and make sure Hidden In Game isn’t checked on.

I had a quick look and “Actor Hidden in game” isn’t checked :frowning:

Is it possible that the terrain is in a different streaming level, and It needs to be set to always loaded? Unusual that it disappears; When in game view try pressing Alt + L, this should toggle terrain visibility.

BTW: There is an old bug (even in 4.10) that sometimes prevents newly created landscapes from appearing in game. Solution is a restart of the editor…

^This, also try going to “Lit> LOD> Fixed at 0”, this fixes your problem if your landscpae LODs are trying to draw too much detail so would need to tweak your Landscape LODs

The terrain file has been corrupted and may be too large. Modes>Landscape>manage>+ new landscape (dropdown)>change component size>leave everything the same as the previous terrain>Resize mode=Resample>apply. Some parts of terrain may be erratically invisible: sculpt>visibility>change brush size to very large>shift+lmb on terrain to paint back the visibility for the holes.

Many thanks man! rly, tnx you so much!

I had this issue It was really annoying , I could see it in wire frame, and in the editor but at runtime it was invisible. I tried everything, In the end I had to rebuild it. Export the terrain as a heightmap and make a new one with the heightmap again.