Terrain components now only draw very close with Desired Max Draw Distance set to 0

So I changed the desired max draw distance, and i then set it back, but it will not work properly, i have restarted UE multiple times <- that shows what is happening

Isn’t the unlimited range -1? I’m not actually sure.

The default value is 0. But i also tried that but it still didnt work. its just one landscape actor that is doing it, but i REALLY REALLY REALLY don’t want to remake it since i spent a while making that terrain

I have also done this, and can’t find the Desired Min Draw Distance to reset everything back to default.
The only way to solve this as of i have been told. Is to resample the landscape without changing anything.
If you run out of memory. Then this might help:

Create sublevels for foliage, lighting, and actors.
Depending on the Level size, and number of assets.
You might want to create sublevels for different “tiles” of the landscape…

Then. When everything is moved away from the persistent Level.
Export the heightmap, and all the material weightmaps.

Remove the landscape material, and make sure all layers are removed also.
Also remove all the sublevels from the persistent Level.

Save all the sublevels!!

Save the persistent Level as a copy also!

Then… When only the landscape is in te scene, as it would when importing.
Try to resample again!

If this do not work. Delete the landscape, and import the expoted heightmap.
Add the same material, and use the exported weightmap on the same layers.

This way you get Your landscape back to default again :smiley: