Terrain Collision Bugged?

Hey! My collision seems to be bugged. I am using 4.16. I switched the pawn to the third person character just to test if it may be my pawn, but it appears not.


I am always floating above the ground, and it is not due to the pawn. However, when I step on higher ground to the bugged collision, it works fine. I’ve got far into this project, and would be happy if anybody can help.

Omnyth, thanks for answering. It is a terrain, and I have thoroughly checked my pawns, and they seem okay. I can confirm either its a problem with the terrain or it a collision error.

It suddenly started working. Cheers for taking notice.

Is your ground actually terrain or are you using meshes? You’ll need to check the collision box of your mesh to see if it’s disjointed from your terrain.

Conversely (not saying it is your pawn, but it’s a possibility), have you check your mesh to see if it lines up with the collision capsule on the character?

Might need a bit more details about this as there’s not a whole lot of information to go on. My guess however is that it is one of those two things.