Terrain, character stops moving

Lufkin, I have experienced all kinds of reasons why a character might not move. Most are particular to the kind of movement scheme you are using in the controller. Troubleshooting for me always starts there. That you can move around in parts of the terrain but not in others is suggestive of things in the settings of the Movement Component. One thing that has been useful for me in working with many different levels is to have a generic flying controller on hand to be able to look at the level construction independent of any controller/pawn interactions. That way I can fly through as if in game, and see the basic layout and collision of the level before trying to run around in it. The one I used is based on:

So, this is weird.

I have a terrain, made with UE4 terrain tool, but there’s a bug(?) where, in certain places on the terrain, my first person character stops moving. I can’t move, can’t jump, anything. It’s not on a slope where the character could be stuck. It also never happens when the character is on a simple, flat cube. It’s a slightly modified First Person Character, and I didn’t make any modification for this to happen.

Any ideas?

EDIT Found the problem!

The character controller is the default First Person Character that comes with the First Person Template. No settings was changed.

I remember adding some news zones to the terrain because I made it too small, maybe it has something to do with the problem?

Well, I just found my problem. The terrain was going below the default Kill Z, so when my player touched Z -1000, the game was killing my player, that’s why I had no more controls.

I believe this is currently happening to me, Is there a way to resolve this without moving my object/terrain higher from the Z-axis, because I currently have a lake and I need it to be swimmable, but its -200 under the Z-axis?

Are there any simple solutions?

If any beginners are having the same issue and wondering where Kill Z is: Settings → World Settings → World | Kill Z