Terrain and resource generation help.

I have the terrain and resource generation working but the resources are spawning above the planet apart from the planet that was already spawned in. They are all the same planet and use the same blueprints to spawn the resources and I can’t figure out why they’re spawning above the planet.
Pre spawned planet with working resource generation -

I know they’re slightly above but that’s fine for now

These are the planets that are spawned in through code and don’t have working resource generation -

This is the code used -

My second question is would it be possible to make the material I use to make the terrain be solid or shape the mesh to it so I can walk over it instead of going through it.

Why are you adding the radius to the Z location of the actor when adding the local location offset?

Because its the actors Z axis so it goes upwards to the surface.

That is adding the Z world location to the amount the resources are being offset, I think you will find it works if you remove that, and just plug the radius value in directly.

Nope that still doesn’t work for me, they spawn below the planet this time.

Are you sure the radius value is accurate? How is that being set?
Are the meshes in the resources correctly positioned so that their base point is at 0,0,0?

The resource meshes all have their origin at 0,0,0 and the radius values are being set in the construction script - Screenshot - 9f6b11e0686f6d378884e18a83998235 - Gyazo

Just as a test, set your radius 10,000, and confirm that the radius of your mesh is also 10,000 units in game, measure it to check.
I’m presuming you are setting the size of the planet to match this radius, but maybe it is not accurate.

How far below the surface are they spawning?

The test worked and the radius is fine. The trees are spawning at the surface but the resources and at the very center of the planet. The resources and trees both use the same blueprints

I was a derp and it took me a while to notice but the add offset node was disconnected. But it all works now.