Terrain and digging

Where would I begin to learn about diggin into the ground like in minecraft. It doesnt have to be as deep as that game but to alter in it as like farming or tunneling.

Found a guy who made a teravox for the unreal 4 ?v=yTRrv4lBVyc

For something like that I would recommend you to learn C++ :wink:
After that take a look at some tutorials how to create a voxel based terrain -> you can find some information about that here in the forum

First try to make a simple map out of normal cubes spawned.
With a couple of for loops and sine waves.

Then create ‘add’ and ‘remove’ block functionality.

Then start learning about procedural mesh generation to implement draw call batching and other fancy words/features.

i thought the vlueprints was inreals new way to learn c++ without the hassel

Blueprints help make gameplay programming easily accessible, but doesn’t allow for doing much low level graphics programming required for voxel terrain.

It will help you a little bit when you start with C++, but beside that it’s pretty different -> you can create entire games with them, but when you need special features for the engine, you will have to use C++ :slight_smile:

We need to create a Blueprint bible. It doesnt have to give every reffence to a particular function but would include it. Like the elderscrolls have done with thier cripts ://www.uesp.net/wiki/Tes4Mod:Script_Functions. They have them for fallout 3 as well a complete library or recopiable scripts that you dnt need to learn,lol. I understand that would not be a good thing in one sence that when you have discoved a function you cant make money from it in the marketplace,lol. There are many super frienldy people here workin on the same thing. After reading over the intentions of the blueprint. The reasons alot of the functions havent been doable is because then havent been discovered yet. That guy in the voxel terrain shows the code within the blueprints just gots get it if he is sellin it or givin it away. That was one of the features that attracted me to unreal was their assurance https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/Blueprints/index.html

I have noticed that they do have a cheat sheet https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/Blueprints/UserGuide/CheatSheet/index.html

Need to add to this for others like myself in the future lol.

Adrián Fuentes very good