Terra - Unreal Engine Short Film - 3min

For those who haven’t seen it, my UE4 short film Terra is doing better than expected on Youtube!

I’d love to get this featured in the weekly spotlight, so go check it out!

  • Thomas

Really nicely done, Thomas! :cool: This hits all different moods for me. Really nice work!

Awesome :smiley:

Cool …

Well done Thomas! Fair play to you! :smiley:

Sound FX / Music 10/10
Basic premise 9/10
Visuals 9/10
Atmosphere 9/10
Ending 3/10
Character development 3/10

Overall solid work! But if you’re open to some feedback, there’s more you could do… I only watched the film once, so maybe I missed something. But I was hoping for more punch at the end. However, the ending never really arrived for me. It felt kinda flat emotionally (see entries in last years Epic film competition). As regards character development… Was the droid lonely? If you say so, as you did below the clip. But the show don’t tell rule applies. So would I have guessed that? IDK… It looked more like the droid was on a mission to find out what happened to a dead civilization. But overall, why not make this Episode1 and make more, or extend the length of this one and add more purpose / backstory. You’ve got the talent, so it shouldn’t be too hard. Good luck! :cool:

Very nice work!

love it. well done.

where’s wall.e?