Termoska - free scifi FPS

Termoska is Sci-Fi based First-person shooter in UE4. As a secret agent, break into the alien facility and find kidnapped daughter of a government member.

Game with puzzles and characters takes about an hour to play. I make this free blueprints FPS template mainly for testing and learning Unreal Engine.

Currently has four levels (decisions have some effect on next level):

  1. Turtorial (radio tower + mines)
  2. Mother Ship (murderer)
  3. Desert (saved missiles)
  4. Vampire Factory (security cameras)

Balancing the game by the Player actions: using rewards for explorers, or increasing difficulty for aggressive eager people.

Any feedback welcome.

Minimum system requirements:
**64-bit **Windows 7; DX11 GPU 1GB; 4GB RAM; Dual-Core CPU

Recommended gamepad (vibrations + analog triggers).

Download: 3GB (+ 7GB free on HDD)