Terminal System

Support thread for the Terminal System.

Customizable terminal system that you will remember retro times.

Terminal System includes an advanced command system that you can use as key mechanics of your games. By dragging and dropping, you can easily adapt it to your system.


  • Easy to use
  • Just drag and drop
  • Customizable blueprint
  • Optimized coding

If you have any question, please contact us:

Marketplace Link:…erminal-system

Released now! :slight_smile:

Hi I just bought your pack, can it be used to do this? I have the logic and code for authentication scheme but need a good interface to display the challenge code and for user to type the auth code back into the system for the backend logic/code to process it (c++) ; I have the concept working in UE4 but want to tie it to a pretty 3D interface……LZPlG37yUqXbo8
Unreal Engine 4.25 Authentication code test

Nuclear authentication process C++…5dS5fZMAAMMZ5g
DongFeng-41 Unreal Engine 4.25 test map