Terminal Simulator


Simulate a realistic terminal (CLI) environment with commands.

[TUTORAL] How to create your own custom commands


  • Simulated directory structure
  • Terminal commands included with plugin
  • Alternative terminal commands
  • Create your own custom commands
  • Execute sudo commands
  • Create your own root command prefix
  • Create your own root password default (toor)
  • Command history navigate up and down keys
  • Execute multiple commands eg. mkdir tmp && cd tmp
  • Command flags
  • Terminal command parameters


  • cd - change directory
  • ls - list all files in current directory
  • clear -clears terminal history
  • pwd -shows current directory path
  • date - shows current system date
  • exit - exit the game
  • mkdir - create folder
  • update - command to show time consuming jobs

Code Modules:

  • TerminalUMG [Runtime]

Number of Blueprints:15
Number of C++ Classes: 3
Network Replicated: No
Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac
Supported Target Build Platforms:** Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS**
Demo Package Build: Widows, Mac, Linux

The Terminal Simulator standalone plugin used in our Operating System and Terminal Simulator plugin.

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Tutorial Released!
How to create your own custom commands