TeraTransfer Support Thread

TeraTransfer Support
Welcome to the TeraTransfer support thread. If you experience any issues in using TeraTransfers or TeraDecals, please post below…
Or alternatively contact us directly via the contact page: Here.

To help you understand what ‘TeraTransfer & TeraDecal’ is and how to get the best out of it, we’ve recorded a set of videos that go into varying levels of depth about the system.
The third one includes information about the variant blueprints that have been included in the pack.

TeraTransfer Overview

TeraTransfer Tutorial

Tips, Tricks and new Blueprints.

@Lee, question for ya, is it possible to use the TeraTransfer BP on a skinnedmesh?

Awesome pack btw :slight_smile:

This looks very inspiring! Great work.

No, the shape is created at runtime (construction script), so would not deform with the rest of the mesh. Static meshes (and BSP) only I’m afraid.

No problem, makes sense :slight_smile: Still a must have.

Just as a note, if you’ve not noticed, there is a Parameter on the Transfers and Decals which is ‘Lifetime in secs’. If this is set to a non-zero value, then when the time expires the decal will delete itself from the scene.

Does TeraTransfer truly require the Substance plugin? Is there a way to remove that dependency?

Hi Stormwind,

It doesn’t require the plugin and doesn’t use it in any way. Maybe it crept into the config files in some way? I’ll check to see if it has got in there somehow on my end. :confused:

There is a always a chance someone on my team accidentally installed both TeraTransfer and Substance and checked the uproject file in afterward - if so, sorry for the wild goose chase.

No, it’s doing it on my end now too. Will probably have to hunt through the config files and find where it references it. I think UE4 adds something into every project you open once you install the plugin on UE4 editor. :eek:

If you’re using the launcher and the compiled binary version of the editor that it downloads for you, it will insert any installed plugins you have into every project whether it is using them or not. Yes, it is irritating as hell, but you can remove them by manually editing the project file.

Will do, thanks.

Hi. I was thinking of buying this but am wondering if support was continuing? Last version was 4.18.