Tennis Reflex App


I am completely new to unreal engine 4. I am trying to make reflex training app specifically designed for tennis players. The idea is that there is a tennis player on the other side of the court who hits a tennis ball. The objective of the game is to click on one of the four areas provided on your side of the court where you think the ball will come as fast as you can based on the angle of the racket and the direction of the ball as it leaves the racket. After 10 plays, the average response time is recorded. So far I have the tennis court and the landscape. Please give me advice on how to do the following:

  • how do I get a tennis player to hit a ball?
  • how do I make four different scenarios(forehand from the left, forehand from the middle, backhand from the middle, and backhand from the right)?
  • how do I randomize these scenarios?
  • how do I make four clicking boxes?
  • how do I make a stopwatch that starts as soon as the tennis player hits the ball and comes to you?

Please answer the questions/send me videos that will help me with this project.

Thank you.