Temporary Space - Interactive Fiction Game


Hey guys !

We have released a game called temporary space for epic jam. Its our first game and we tried our best to make everything as neat as possible. So I am the 3D artist / Level Designer / Game-play programming and all those things. I am a solo developer :slight_smile: I wanted to know how i can improve it technically as well as story, game-play mechanics etc.

All the assets are modeled by me and the sound is done by my sound designer friend and story likewise another friend.Terrain and grass textures are from Textures.com Ferns was also from textures.com Platform textures are from CC0 textures. I don’t have substance so i wasn’t able to make texture variations. Some foliage was made before the game jam.

The In game footage :

It would greatly help us if we could improve on our mistake in this game. The forums are the reason I came this far with no experience in anything and I hope I will get some gentle critiques:) As well as some positive feedback and motivations here:D.
As an Intro,

The game progresses in the perspective of a spirit who lost their memories and fade away. The game consists of 3 levels, representing different time frames of the spirit and if you don’t complete the points of interest in each level you will be trapped in that time frame. The first board that you see is a point of interest focus it using left mouse button and you solve the first one. The rest is also similar but you wont see any highlights its all in keen observation;)

This is my itch.io page Temporary Space by Cosine Interactive

If you do have any issues with my post please do tell. Its my first time :slight_smile: