Temporarily restrict jump for set duration

Hi Guys,

Wondering how to temporarily disable jumping for the duration of the jump? I understand how to branch IsFalling and if that returns true do nothing and if false execute my jump blueprint but I would like to know as soon as I press my jump how I’d set a timer (1 sec) that until completes cannot be spammed?

Thank you

I’m not entirely sure if these are what you’re looking for, but there’s three ways that come to mind to handle this:

  1. Instead of using a branch with IsFalling, you can check if the actor is moving on the ground by using the Character Movement component.

  1. You can make a new bool variable (I called it CanJump), set it to true by default (this is important, otherwise you won’t be able to jump at first), and then use a delay to control the time between when you can jump (A delay will wait a certain amount of seconds before continuing)

  1. Similarly to option 2, you can use a bool and an actual timer (works very much like a delay, but with more options) and control the bool through that.

Went with example # two, thank you! Wasn’t thinking to set the default value