Temporal AA / Motion Vectors in Render Targets - Commit # in Master?

Daniel W mentioned a while ago that adding TAA / Motion Vector support to Render Targets should be a simple fix, and that it may have already been done in Master.

I’ve been unable to verify this or find an associated commit, but it’s a much-needed and desired feature. If it has been done can someone point me to the commit so I can merge it into my branch, or if not, can it be fixed / added?

It’s not fixed yet.

Thanks, but is that based on confirmation or from just testing in a launcher build?

Might is be this commit?
It says:

Change 3388862 on 2017/04/11 by Guillaume.Abadie

	Allows Motion Blur and TAA in scene capture 2d.

That looks highly promising, looking over that code. How did you find it? Search Function on GitHub kinda sucks…

It’s not in 4.16, but according to the commit it should be fixed for 4.17.

Yeah, I tried cherry-picking the commit but got loads of compile issues. Guess I’ll just wait a couple more months.