Temporal AA hitching when origin shifting

I have a vehicle traveling across tiles using origin shifting and when I use the defaulted temporal AA there is a substantial full frame hitch every time the origin shifts. It’s not present using FXAA, but I would much rather use temporal AA if possible. Currently on 4.5 but this has been there since the first engine build.

Hello paingate,

Temporal anti-aliasing seeks to reduce or remove the effects of temporal aliasing. Temporal aliasing is caused by the sampling rate (i.e. number of frames per second) of a scene being too low compared to the transformation speed of objects inside of the scene; this causes objects to appear to jump or appear at a location instead of giving the impression of smoothly moving towards them. To avoid aliasing artifacts altogether, the sampling rate of a scene must be at least twice as high as the fastest moving object.

Because Temporal AA functions as described, using origin shifting will cause this full frame hitching. The FXAA has a similar visual outcome, and may not be as crisp, but it functions differently which is why there is no hitching when using this aliasing. This in turn is not an incorrect functionality. I hope this helped shed light on the subject!

Is there a ship-able anti-aliasing solution I can use for our game, that is using origin shifting?

Use FXAA instead of Temporal to have no hitching.