temple run type controls


I’m trying to create controls that are like those of temple run. I have been searching and searching but I can’t find anything on tilt controls. Does anyone know how or know of any tutorials on how to set up tilt controls? I want to tilt controls so when i tilt the phone left and right the player moves in that direction.


Hey there, which OS are you talking about? Android, iOS or others?
If you successfully installed the SDK of your operation system, you should be able to see new input things
in your Project settings:

I’m pretty sure these should work for you. Otherwise come back and tell me. Then i will look into this (:

So I should be able to set the tilt as the controls and then going to the blueprint and set up the controls and then it should work?

“Should” is a good word here. I haven’t tested that yet, but yes, this is how i guess it should work.

You can set the tilt, but you will need to take the actual value from the tilt and perform some action with it, that wont be automatic for you. Just set it as an Axis in your project settings and it will give you a number between -1 and 1 then plug that into your controls.